Half Models

Half Models


Half Model of a Carter 33

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Traditionally the yacht designer began his process by first building a half-model, and from this scaling up to produce offsets for the full size hull. In more recent times the decorative effect of half-models has been recognised. For the enthusiast a more detailed study and appreciation of a hull form can be made from a model, something a photograph cannot always provide. For some yachtsmen, their sport is their passion and they are comfortable being surrounded by yachting artefacts. A half-model is a cost effective way of doing this.

Whilst David Spy constructs one-off half-models in solid timber, modern production boats are sometimes modelled from solid castings. This allows the intricate deck mouldings to be produced accurately while keeping the labour, and therefore the costs, within reasonable bounds. However the production of a hull shape is only a small part of the process as this has to be filled and faired and then painted up to a very high polished finish. Waterlines, styling lines and artwork are then completed before final fitting out with windows, handrails etc. Once the model is mounted on a mahogany backing board, a brass plate giving details of the yacht concerned completes the job.


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